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Neighborhood History from Acree Armstrong

Did you know that the first house built on Terry Lane was at 6620 Terry Lane? Tom and Helen Terry were the owners and architect Helen Terry designed the house. Later on Helen Terry was instrumental in developing the rest of Terry Lane. The Terrys lived on Terry Lane for about a year. They sold the house and they built another at 7201 Lakeside Lane.

Grove-Park History from Peggy Sue and David Henry

“In March of 1955 we built our home on Grove Park Blvd., at that time it was a gravel road with no house in sight. Lawyer Erwin’s house was the next block over - there was nothing here, we really lived out in the country. In 1956 we started going to a church in a barn on the corner of Hickory Grove - Newell Road which now is W.T. Harris. The church, Hickory Grove Baptist Church was built in 1957.

After the church was built we started growing in Grove Park; our street was paved and that was such a great improvement. A number of firsts: Winn-Dixie, first grocery store (East Town Market, now Compare Foods); Hickory Grove Volunteer Fire Department (across the street on the left from HGBC); Spoon’s Pharmacy was located in the same block as the Fire Department. Mr. Spoon was the main doctor. There was a Gulf Service Station where Rite Aid now sits across from HGBC. Food Lion and the rest of the stores across from HGBC are located in the former cow pasture. Going towards Hickory Grove Methodist Church was Deans, a small grocery store. Mr. Dean lived on the corner past HGMC. The Gym for the Methodist Church is where Dean’s Grocery was located. Across from the Methodist Church is Hickory Grove Elementary School, where our children attended (the school is in use today).

Grove Park’s lakes were a drawing point for the many homes that began to be built here. The oldest house (the gray house at Williams and Oakwood) was the Williams home (Williams Road is named for Mr. and Mrs. Williams). We have truly seen it all grow up. It was then and still is an area loved by many, here in the east side of Charlotte.

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