April 2010


Photo courtesy of Debbie Hyland


President – Maureen Gilewski 704.568.9744

Vice President – Kaye Walsh 704.536.5314

Secretary – Debbie Tipton 704.568.4269

Treasurer – Judy Hall 704.537.9587



Communications:   Chair, Mary-Ellen Jones

Neighborhood Watch: Chair, Mary Kay Brennan

Neighborhood Signs: Chair, Jewell Davis

Charlotte East Community Partners (CECP):  

Representatives, Kristine Fisher and Shelin Wilder

Code/Zoning: Chair, Kari Brock. 


Message from Maureen: 


Our next GPNA Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 4th at 7:00 PM at the Hickory Grove Recreation Center at 6709 Pence Road.  We will elect our President and Secretary for the next 2-year term which begins May 2010 through May 2012.  Our agenda will include an update on our neighborhood signs, the East Town Market meetings and our upcoming International Fest on Sunday May 23rd.


Elections for President and Secretary:  MK Brennan is coordinating the nominations committee.    We are accepting nominations for President and Secretary.  If you are interested please nominate yourself by contacting MK at  Let’s keep GPNA strong and growing!


Neighborhood Signs

The Sign Committee received one proposal for our entrance signs and is anticipating the delivery of a second plan. One former neighbor whose parents live in our neighborhood and one current neighbor responded to our request for a graphic design for our entrance sign.


Thank you to Jewell and Mel Davis who faithfully post the meeting signs before each GPNA meeting.


Share your neighborhood news with your Block Captain or email information to Mary-Ellen Jones at


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Meeting with East Town Management: Thank you to MK Brennan for coordinating and leading the East Town Market meeting. Together with Debbie Tipton MK prepared a power point presentation with the results of the neighborhood survey.  Representatives from Ravenwood and Candlewood joined MK and Debbie for the meeting with the manager of East Town Market.  A second meeting is planned next month with the East Town Market manager, Grove Park, Ravenwood, Candlewood and our resource office Ericka Conway.  Officer Conway will invite representatives from other neighborhoods in the vicinity to attend the second meeting. 


WITH THANKS: Recently most of us were alarmed when we learned of the proposed closing of our new Hickory Grove Library (along with eleven other libraries) as a result of Charlotte - Mecklenburg’s budget deficit.  Thanks to the efforts of concerned neighbors all the libraries will remain open, although with shorter hours.  A special thanks to Kaye Walsh for leading Grove Park’s campaign to keep the libraries open.


A Review of TEDDY’s PIZZA by Kaye Walsh:  Opening at East Town Market in 2004, Teddy's Pizza serves up a variety of pizzas, subs and more.  The menu includes something for everyone, salads, wings, calzones and pasta.  The oven baked subs come in 7 or 11 inch sizes and are made to order.  I especially recommend the Italian sub or the Philly Steak sub.  Both are very messy, but extremely good.  Of course the main focus is on the pizza.  With dough made fresh daily and using only the best ingredients, Teddy's pizzas are awesome.  Always made to order, Teddy's offers any combination you can create, or there are the standard favorites, ranging from Veggie Lovers to Supreme.  A lifelong Cleveland Browns fan, you will often find Teddy in the store and making pizzas himself.  He even has a Cleveland Browns Special: 2 large 2 topping pizzas and 20 wings for 23.99.  There is no inside dining, so all orders are pick-up or delivery.  Pick-up orders are usually ready within 20 minutes of your call.  To order from Teddy's call 704-536-1660.


meets the third Saturday of the month, 10:30 a.m.  Our next meeting is Saturday, April 17.  We are very fortunate because this meeting will be a local field trip.  The gardens of master gardeners, Tom Nunnenkamp and Lib Jones (near Southpark) are well known for their plant diversity.  Tours are available only by appointment, and we are expected at 10:00 a.m.  Plan to meet at our home (6608 Terry Lane) at 9:15 a.m. We will go by carpool as space for parking is limited.  Also this meeting is our annual plant exchange.  Be thinking now of what plants you have to share as you take pleasure in preparing your gardens for spring and summer.  The plants will be left on our carport, to be shared after we return from the field trip.  Please let me know that you plan to attend, as we do not want to leave anyone behind. Mary-Ellen Jones


The upcoming 2010 SPRING GARDEN TOUR is our exciting news, on Sunday April 18, from 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. The Garden Tour Committee has worked to assure that our Garden Tour this year will be as memorable as our inaugural tour last year.   Please share this unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty around us with your family, friends, and neighbors.  This year the tour will consist of two gardens in Ravenwood, two gardens in Grove Park, and the three Triangle Gardens, tended by members of the Garden Club for the benefit of all.  The tour begins at the Triangle where brochures will be available with directions to the other gardens on the tour.


GROVE PARK HISTORY:  Remember earlier reading Acree Armstrong’s recollections of the early years on Terry Lane?  In this issue we feature Peggy Sue and David Henry’s memories of their early years in Grove Park. 

In March of 1955 we built our home on Grove Park Blvd., at that time it was a gravel road with no house in sight.  Lawyer Erwin’s house was the next block over - there was nothing here, we really lived out in the country.  In 1956 we started going to a church in a barn on the corner of Hickory Grove - Newell Road which now is W.T. Harris.  The church, Hickory Grove Baptist Church was built in 1957.  

   After the church was built we started growing in Grove Park; our street was paved and that was such a great improvement.  A number of firsts: Winn-Dixie, first grocery store (East Town Market, now Compare Foods); Hickory Grove Volunteer Fire Department (across the street on the left from HGBC); Spoon’s Pharmacy was located in the same block as the Fire Department.  Mr. Spoon was the main doctor.  There was a Gulf Service Station where Rite Aid now sits across from HGBC.  Food Lion and the rest of the stores across from HGBC are located in the former cow pasture.  Going towards Hickory Grove Methodist Church was Deans, a small grocery store.  Mr. Dean lived on the corner past HGMC.  The Gym for the Methodist Church is where Dean’s Grocery was located.  Across from the Methodist Church is Hickory Grove Elementary School, where our children attended (the school is in use today).  

Grove Park’s lakes were a drawing point for the many homes that began to be built here.  The oldest house (the gray house at Williams and Oakwood) was the Williams home (Williams Road is named for Mr. and Mrs. Williams).  We have truly seen it all grow up.  It was then and still is an area by many, here in the east side of Charlotte.  Thank you Peggy Sue and David HenryIf you have lived in Grove Park for some time and remember the way it used to be - even a small account, please let us know, Maureen Gilewski, or Mary-Ellen Jones.  

Independence Boulevard Transportation Project:  The letter from Sec. Conti and CDOT Danny Pleasant both makes and implies several points relevant to the Citizens' Advisory Group's input and focus. 

1.  The future of Independence as a transit corridor is held whole. 

2.  Access to business areas is improved via the right lane cut outs.    

3.  The integrity and quality of the neighborhoods are well considered. 

4.  The neighborhoods are connected in pedestrian friendly ways to each other and to the "back door" of the business areas. 

5.  The funding and the timing of this project are maintained, thereby offering a stable basis for decision making by those in the area.


The Super Street concept was discussed by Staff.  Its roots lay in the past experience of Independence before the enormous volume of traffic (only to be increased by the feed from the Monroe Bypass).  If this plan were adopted, because of the treatment of the intersections (no separation), we would lose the capacity for Rapid Transit on Independence (light rail preferred by the citizens).


The Mayor has requested a meeting of those concerned before the end of the first week in April, with Council Members Kinsey and Carter concurring.  A meeting of the Citizens' Advisory Group, whose deliberations, with Staff's, have provided such a good basis for this process, is scheduled for April 15th.  There will be a public meeting on this topic on May 6th.  In all of these meetings, as in the District 5, 3/24 meeting, dialogue will be encouraged and respected.


Thanks to each of you for your interest and investment in Charlotte East,

Nancy Carter

Charlotte City Council, District 5


The City of Charlotte and the North Carolina Department of Transportation will jointly host a Public Information Session

to provide an update on the upcoming Independence Blvd

transportation project.


Date:  Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time:  6:00 pm

Location:  The Park (formerly Charlotte Merchandise Mart)

800 Briar Creek Road

Charlotte, NC, 28205


Fifth Annual Eastside Treasures (sponsored by Charlotte East Community Partners).  Neighborhood Yard Sales allow people to come into the neighborhoods and off the main corridors.  Where: In your neighborhood at selected sights.  When:   Saturday, May 1, 2010, 7am to 12 noon.  Cost: $5 per cash box.  Please call Vickie Fewell 704-763-5286, or Diane Langevin 704-536-7809 for more information.

ASSOCIATION DUES: Grove Park Neighborhood Association is a voluntary association (no mandatory ordinances); voluntary dues are $20/year.  Please make your checks payable to GPNA. Mail or hand delivered to Judy Hall, our treasurer. (7044 Lakeside Drive, Charlotte, NC  28215).