Hickory-Grove Market shopping center  managed by Marie Moss Realty (mmoss at
P.O. Box 691300    Charlotte, NC 28227      Work     (704) 321-0870

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CORNER of Hickory Grove Road and Harris Blvd

        FOOD  LION  Supermarket

                Family Dollar Store

    Subway Sandwich Shop 

        Why-Not Pizza  

    Papa Johns Pizza

        BBT Bank Branch

    EAGLE Medical Clinic            

        Hickory Grove PUBLIC LIBRARY             


    XYZ Children's Day Care Center

        Nan's Design and Apparel

    ABC Laundromat     

        Calhoun Barber Shop                         

    Kangaroo Gas and Go

        Rite-Aid Drug Store

            DASA Rug Shop

    Aggies Sandwich Shop

        Salvadoran Bakery Store

            UPS Package Store