Over 110 Ravenwood and GrovePark residents filled the meeting room at the Pence Road Rec-Center. The Mecklenburg County Park - Recreation (MCPR) department had their DPR Consultants present a 23-page presentation of Conceptual Plans for the $600,000 park at Williams and Linda Lake (and Applecross).

For the last hour the MCPR/DPR team handled enthusiastic questions from the residents and accepted 100 sticky-notes with comments and requests about the proposed park plans. And in early February 6 concerned residents from each community formed the Park12 Stakeholders Committee to prepare for another design meeting with the MCPR/DPR team on March 3.

On that date a revised plan was presented with 24 people attending for 90 minutes. The new plan included more buffering for nearby neighbors, drop-off spots at each of the two entrances, a 20'x32' shelter at Linda Lake, play areas for kids, and other amenities. The meeting ended with the MCPR team promising to make additional changes and hold another meeting soon.

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