Things are moving along quite well in Grove Park this fall.  We're starting the planning for Winterfest, our big, splashy winter event.  And in January we'll expand the newsletter coverage of our Garden Club with additional educational articles and, in this issue, we'll expand coverage of our schools, but the most extraordinary event: Our October meeting, planned for Oct. 29 with the entire group of at-large representatives from the Charlotte City Council.

City Council jobs are much more than sitting around the dais talking about issues on Monday nights. The at-large folks have a killer schedule that involves not only tons of background research, but every single one of them is either a chairperson or a member of one of six key committees that do the work of the city.

That is what they'll tell you about on the 29th. Also, and please think about this - we want city council to be very familiar with the neighborhoods of east Charlotte.  Many people believe that historically East Charlotte has been burdened with lack of employment opportunities, lack of school resources and an unusual amount of low-income housing.  City Council members almost never come to our area, so this is our chance to make an impression. One fact to urge you on is that when I went to a presentation by CLT2040, the group tasked with developing plans to move the city forward, every single one of their four proposals specifically said that the fewest job opportunities in the city were planned for East and Southwest Charlotte.   Anybody want to chat about fighting back?

Mimi  Davis