What a month! National Night Out was a blast!

A lovely cooler evening and a perfect event to open our new Delta Creek
Park, maybe one of the best things to ever happen to our neighborhood.
We've tried to guess how many attended, but with the comings and goings
we'd have to "best guess" at maybe 150 - 200 people. The shuttle was a
big hit, and I hear we saved a bunch of people from a longer walk than
they were ready for. Special thanks to our amazing social chair Kelly
Bolduc. The "famous" ice cream buffet was spectacular, the balloon
decorations made everything more festive and her tireless energy was enviable.

Thanks also to my friend Kris Chambers-Woodruff who doesn't even live
in our neighborhood, but came to our aid with the very generous loan of
the sound system and generator, to musicians Alan Davis and Mark Lees,
ace shuttle driver Barry DeGrappo, the Grove Park board who pitched in
like mad to help that night or to help plan: Lindsey Wolfe, Gail
Whitcomb, Chris Sotardi and wife Katie Godwin, Armetta Davis and Mike
McLaurin. Thanks also to the enthusiastic Ravenwood board: Debbie
Dryden, George and Irene Thomas, Tim Diggs, Barbara Warren, and Cory

Our next big adventure is Winterfest, the evening of December 4.
Prizes, food, who knows what.

Mimi Davis, President GPNA