Dear Wonderful Neighbors,                                                                                        Winter-Spring 2019

Last year was an active year in Grove Park with success piled on success. My favorite accomplishment was the board vote to adopt Grier Academy so we could provide help on a  continuing basis. We've tutored, worked on events, provided breakfast to the teacher during testing week and publicized their accomplishments. We Still need 5 kindergarten volunteers (the tricky part is that we need them all at the same time).

But there's more. In the past 12 months we’ve:

 Opened a gorgeous new park at the end of Williams Road on Linda Lake Drive.

Received a grant for a "Paint the Pavement' project this coming April, a method of slowing traffic.

Won first place (again) for our float in the Fourth of July Parade, thanks to Gail Whitcomb.

Organized three excellent general meetings.

Produced two large events with our friends in Ravenwood - National Night Out and Winterfest. Supported froth a successful monthly garden club and Book Club, again with Ravenwood.

Supported Vice-President Lindsey Wolfe's Young Families project, which now meets monthly. Provided Thanksgiving dinner for the Hickory Grove Police and Christmas dinner for the Station 23 Fire Department.

Produced a Grove Park Business Directory as part of our Spring newsletter.

     Also produced the newsletters themselves — four beautiful ones.

Drank coffee with Cops on several occasions in several places.

Organized box seats and a provided lunch at a UNC-Charlotte baseball game.

            Had a cookout for Grove Park volunteers in the Spring.

 If you count every single activity, there were about 54 separate events or projects in 12 months'  time. Organizers and board members had even  more. The GPNA rocks!