I'm pretty sure I'm not just speaking for myself when I say I'd like to see the end of this awful year. I want the pandemic to be over and people released from mask-wearing and social distancing. I want to shake hands again, give people hugs, meet people for coffee, and not have to be 6 feet apart. To make us all feel a little better, the Grove Park Board has come up with an idea to streamline our homes, toss out the old and get rid of the junk - The GP Junk Day!


On September 5, a large dumpster truck will be delivered somewhere in Grove Park (we'll tell you where) and all your old furniture, discardable clothing, broken kid things, mismatched china, scrap lumber, etc can go into the dumpster and be magically hauled away by a bunch of hefty college students. Throwing out the old is like clearing out the cobwebs. It's a relief that it's gone and just makes you feel lighter. The neighborhood association is picking up the cost, but, because the cost is pretty steep, we will ask for donations - just whatever you want to give us to help would be fine.


Also, we want you to know that we're carrying on, virus or no virus, and doing it safely. Boards are meeting, either with social distancing or Zoom, we have quite a calendar of events scheduled, and plans for safety for every single one, National Night Out and the December Winterfest are planned with fingers crossed and perhaps held a little differently than in the past. We've even hired a band for National Night Out because one thing you can do while wearing a mask is to play a banjo or a fiddle.

Safely...yes, but community has a place as well in the terrific little neighborhood of Grove Park.


-Mimi Davis     August 2020