For the last eight years the work to help build the Grove Park neighborhood has been the joy of my life. I've been president for more than half the time the neighborhood association has existed. I've worked with remarkable people and have watched us progress to become, this year, the official Best Neighborhood in Charlotte.

Therefore it's hard for me to say that this coming year will be my last year as president of Grove Park.

It's true that I'll still manage the newsletter, be on the garden council helping to plan events for the garden club, join with the book club at many of their monthly meetings, and volunteer for everything I can do to help where I can, but now I want to work on a larger scale to help other Charlotte neighborhoods achieve what we have achieved here.

Awhile ago I was the principal founder of a group called the East Charlotte Coalition of Neighborhoods. We provide educational workshops, social activities, and forums for nearly 30 neighborhoods stretching from about The Plaza to about Albemarle Rd, from about Eastway east to the city line. We have our own board of trustees and publish our own newsletter. It requires me to be in a great many meetings and to create opportunities for activism and inter-neighborhood communication that didn't exist previously.

I'm also an ambassador for CLT Future 2040, the organization tasked with charting our city's future for the next two decades, and have applied for a place in the Charlotte Leadership Academy.

It's a lot of work. So now we need a new Grove Park president to take my place beginning in July of 2020. If this idea makes your heart beat a little quicker, or if you think "maybe I could do that", then take the time till next June to consider making that commitment to one of Charlotte's Best Neighborhoods. You won't ever regret it.