BASIC  COMPUTER  SKILLS                             Library and Goodwill

1.  Public Library                              Contact Phone: 704-416-4800 opt. 4

                               M/S  OFFICE  SUITE  Programs

Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint

CALL for details of classes at multiple branches around town.

2.  Goodwill Opportunity Campus                          (704)  372-3434                     

 Leon Levine Opportunity Center        5301 Wilkinson Boulevard  (NC-74, road to airport)             Charlotte, NC     28208


Every Monday, 9AM - 1PM

Prerequisite:  NONE.

Are you new to using computers? Do you wonder what people mean when they say   the Cloud, Windows, ISP or app? Perhaps   you just want to know more about how computers work. When it comes to learning today’s technology, our course has all the basic concepts covered.


Every Tuesday, 9AM - 1PM

Prerequisite:  Completed Computer Basics course or pass assessment test.

Are you new to the Internet? Are you wondering what’s so important about being connected online? Maybe you just want to know what’s new and how it can benefit you. This introductory course will guide you through the basics while providing up-to-date information on the

latest online tools and technologies.  The IE web browser offers easy and safe web browsing.


Every  Thursday, 9AM - 1PM

Prerequisite: Completed Computer Basics course or pass assessment test.

You will learn how to create your first Word document. You will find out how to type

where you want to on a page, fix spelling errors, make a list, change page margins, 

add emphasis to some words quickly and some style, and how to save and print your work.


Alternate Mondays, 9AM - 12PM

Prerequisite:  Completed Microsoft Word course or pass assessment test.

Anyone can learn how to take advantage of this incredibly powerful spreadsheet program. Whether you’re keeping a budget, organizing a training log, performing simple calculations or just tracking any kind of information. Skills include cell basics, modifying columns, rows and cells, formatting cells, printing workbooks and freezing or locking panes.